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What to expect at your first eye exam

Don't worry, you can't fail!

Eye Test Glasses

For your eye exam, you will not only get a glasses prescription, but also so much more!  

A Complete eye exam will consist of:

  • Welcome forms to be filled out

  • Preliminary tests (yes, we are going to do the air puff test)

  • Discuss issues or symptoms

  • Complete case history

  • Visual acuity check

  • Binocular vision assessment

  • Color Vision test

  • Stereopsis (depth perception)

  • Complete refraction to test your vision (your prescription)

  • Complete anterior slit lamp assessment of the front of the eye

  • Dilation drops (highly recommended)

  • Fundus Photography and OCT retinal scans (highly recommended)

  • Complete lens, vitreous and retina assessment at the back of the eye

  • Final GLASSES prescription will be provided at end the exam

Regular eye exams are recommended once per YEAR to keep you seeing your best! 

NOTE: Please check out the COVID section to see what changes we have implemented to keep you and our staff safe

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