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Comprehensive Eye Exam

We provide full and comprehensive eye exams.  We are not only looking out for your quality of vision but also quality of your health as a whole.  Many systemic issues show up in the eyes before other signs.  Get your eyes checked today!

Contact Lens Prescription

Whether it is for sports or every day wear, contact lenses can sometimes offer the freedom glasses cannot.  Come in today for a customized contact lenses fitting!

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Surgery co-management

For the past decade, Dr. Lee has been managing patients who require cataract or refractive surgery.  Here at Dr. Lee Optometry we councel and complete pre- and post-operative care.  We are here to help you through your surgical experience. 

Dry Eye Clinic

With the increasing demand on our devices, dry eye is becoming more and more prevalent.  Signs of dry eye include red, watery, gritty, sometimes painful eyes.  This can lead to contacts lenses intolerance and discomfort.  To get an assessment today, as to see our dry eye clinic.

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Advanced Testing

Technology has come a long way in the last few years and there is no reason why your eye exam can't evolve with it.  We now have more tests and scans to better detect and diagnose eye conditions that were previously difficult to assess.  We have upgraded our facilities to bring you the most advanced and updated technology to keep you and your eyes at their best!

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