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Surgery co-management

A Happier, Healthier You

For the past decade, Dr. Lee has been managing patients who require cataract or refractive surgery.  Here at Dr. Lee Optometry we counsel and compete pre- as well as post operative care.

In terms of refractive surgery, he can recommend and discuss options for PRK, LASIK, SMILE, or refractive lens exchange.  Each has their own benefits and we can discuss what is best for you.

Dr. Lee also makes referrals for Cataract surgery.  As part of the aging process, we will all develop Cataracts at some point.  When they do start to affect your daily activities, we can discuss your options for surgery.  Two options we have available these days are the Traditional Cataract surgery or the more advanced laser assisted Cataract surgery.  We can help you determine the best option, getting you on the path to better vision.  

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