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Dry Soil

Dry Eye Clinic

A dry eye is not a normal eye

With the increasing use of our devices, dry eye is becoming more and more prevalent.  Signs of dry eye include red, watery, gritty, sometimes painful eyes.  This can lead to contacts lenses intolerance and discomfort.  

Our dry eye evaluation looks at both subjective and objective tests.


The dry eye assessment consists of:

  • Questionnaires to gauge your level of dryness

  • Review of current symptoms and issues

  • Vision assessment in glasses or contacts

  • Assessment of heath and current state of anterior segment (front of the eye)

  • Dry eye tests such as osmolarity and tear break up time

  • Additional tests may be required as needed

  • Final recommendations and suggestions for treatment plans discussed

Dry eye is a chronic and multi-factorial condition.  Our dry eye clinic will assess the factors that might contribute to dry eyes and hopefully minimize their effects.  We also have various treatment options available, from standard eye drops, specialized ointments, prescription strength medications, special dry eye contact lenses or Scleral lens.  For your convenience, we have made some available to you online at our shop page.

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