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Dry Eye

"But my eyes are watering..."

Dry eye can be a chronic, multifactorial, debilitating condition that according to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, dry eye affects 30% of Canadians and hundreds of millions of people worldwide.  The shift to the use of digital devices has been one of the driving factors of people's chronic dry eyes.  Factors associated with dry eye are device use, environmental factors like A/C or heating, systemic issues, certain medications, contact lenses, or previous laser eye surgery.    


Dry eye typically arises from either the eyes not producing enough tears or the tears evaporating faster than they should.  This can lead to symptoms of red, itchy, gritty, watery eyes.  It has been associated with pain, reduction in activities of daily living and even depression.  On the other hand, some people can have dry eyes and not even know it.  Dry eyes can impact quality of life and if left untreated, over time, signs of damage can occur over the most sensitive part of the eye, the cornea.  This can lead to to impaired vision as well as discomfort with contact lenses wear.

At Dr. Lee Optometry, we have the tools to both subjectively and objectively assess, grade and treat the symptoms of dry eye. Our goal is to keep your vision stable and eyes comfortable for as long as possible.

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