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Red Eye

"I woke up like that"

Red eyes can be the result of many causes.  Sometimes red eyes could be a result of rubbing your eyes, but other times they can be due to other more serious issues.  Some symptoms associated with red eye are irritation, burning, pain, sensitivity to light, dryness, watering, and blurred vision.  Among others, these symptoms should be evaluated by a professional.


Most common reasons for red eyes:

  • Dry eye

  • Eye Allergies

  • "Pink eye"

  • Contact lens wear

  • Digital eye strain

More serious potential reasons for red eyes​

  • Eye infection

  • Eye trauma or injury

  • Uveitis

  • Corneal ulcer

Many red eyes look similar, but with the help of your eye care professional, we can help diagnose and treat what is really going on.

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