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Myopia and Hyperopia

"Is that I can't see far or can't see near?"

People primarily come to the optometrist because they cannot see clearly.  Many people don't even realize they could see better or require glasses until they they see an optometrist.  


The most common refractive errors are Myopia and Hyperopia.


Myopia is also referred to as "nearsightedness".  This is a condition where a person is able to see things clearly up-close however, things are blurry at a distance.  This is a result of light rays focusing incorrectly in the back of the eye.  In the case of Myopia, the light rays are focusing in front of the retina instead of on the retina itself (which is what is required to see clearly). 

Hyperopia is also referred to as "farsightedness".  In this condition, a person is able to see clearly at a distance but cannot see clearly up-close. This is a result of light rays focusing too far behind the retina. 

These are the most commonly know refractive errors. Astigmatism is another factor that can play into vision. Here, the front surface of the eye is irregularly shaped like a football instead of a perfectly round ball and could contribute to difficultly focusing.

At Dr. Lee Optometry, we assess and diagnose your prescription.  We can explore options of glasses, contact lenses or laser refractive surgery to ensure you are seeing your best!

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